David the Older and wiser
Exploring new frontiers with Graphite pencils
David & Ruth working together
Gemma Drawing with Pencils
Love it. Just the very first
Attempting the Storm...
This is a New Technique with Colour Pencils and Pastels. I hope you like it.
Phoevos Colour Pencil
A little A4 Study of my son when he was young to find the best affordable paper surface for future workshops
Lorna's Great Drawing
A very good first project with graphite.
...and a little colour Pencil Taster
I hope to share many colour Pencil secrets with many of you. A little exercise Inspired from my Easter celebrations. Enjoy
Temi is working hard
Not a moment to loose. Hard work, dedication and loving what you do bring definitely results. Brilliant pencil work.
Temi Photo realistic pencil drawing
Close up
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Temi Photo realistic pencil drawing

Close up