Elisa's Dream World
Oxana's Favored Man
Alexander the Great
David the Older and wiser
Exploring new frontiers with Graphite pencils
David & Ruth working together
Gemma Drawing with Pencils
Love it. Just the very first
Attempting the Storm...
This is a New Technique with Colour Pencils and Pastels. I hope you like it.
Phoevos Colour Pencil
A little A4 Study of my son when he was young to find the best affordable paper surface for future workshops
Lorna's Great Drawing
A very good first project with graphite.
...and a little colour Pencil Taster
I hope to share many colour Pencil secrets with many of you. A little exercise Inspired from my Easter celebrations. Enjoy
Serene Denise
This is a lovely drawing and sincere effort
Temi is working hard
Not a moment to loose. Hard work, dedication and loving what you do bring definitely results. Brilliant pencil work.
Temi Photo realistic pencil drawing
Close up
Artemis in Pencil
I couldn't resist not capturing this moment with her lovely Easter Hat. My Daughter Artemis in Pencil
I had to do one too.
Finally I have found some time to do an example of photo realistic work for the students. Spooky ...but nice.
Rosa's First Oil Portrait
A fast and careful artist. Good work.
Linda's Pencil Frog
Linda's Photo realististic ...Frog. Created lovingly with local ...pencils. Lovely work Linda Congrats.
Tamra in herr element here
Photo realism is really Happy
Rosa's Elephant is alive
Maggie's Photo realistic Drawing
Good work Maggie
Tamra Picasso
What fun she had. Great Work absolute begging x
Jay is Opening Up to Oils
Jay & Samantha a lovely couple had a join day experience in Oils. An experience filled with enthusiasm.
Samantha's Great First Day
Samantha and Jay a lovely couple they came together for a taster on Oils. Judging from the results I think they are hooked.
Richard's Frog
It took a lot of persuasion to convince him to use normal oil paints but he agreed with me that the result was satisfactory.
Ruth and the Portrait
This is Ruth's very first portrait. A Great Gift for Grandson indeed. Ruth you made me a proud teacher. xxx
Tania is Very Commited
You gave 100% Bravo
Mona Lisa 2019 in Colour
I thought I will make an updated version of Leonardo's masterpiece give her a little bit sexier look. I am not sure...what do you think??
Temi Charcoal Revelation
Not Bad Temi, Not Bad. Keep up the Good Work
Rachel OMG the Enthusiasm.
2nd ever painting and a total beginner. A model student. looking forward to see her development.
Douglas Fine Art.
A Good Wholesome Student. Looking forward seeing you again.
Kirsten & Me
Ione In Progress
School project. I feel like helping The Doctor Frankenstein of Art. The Canvas was an old canvas filed with left overs of old projects and badly repainted by a not so knowledgeable Art Teacher to put it mildly. The we had to unity 3 artists techniques from totally different eras totally incompatible styles ...just to please the teacher!!!! I think we did well under the circumstances. Bravo Ione.
Outdoors Workshop August 2018
Meare Village by the river. Tough weather but we learned a lot
Linda's Joyful Art
Such a Joy to have her on the team. One painting and huge progress. x
Karelena's First Art baby
Congratulations Karelena. Yes you can have a very beautiful Art baby of your own as you can see. See you next year.
Maggie Thriving
A long family of Artistic Talent. Maggie it is time to add you in the family's Art Tree.
Outdoors Workshop August 2018
Looking at the Tor from Meare village. Most peaceful scene
Valentine From Italy
Work in progrees. Another winner.
Icy is a joy to work with
Karmen has a lovely way to do things
Alison's Mona Lisa
Ok might not be Leonardo's Masterpiece but for a first ever attempt to do a portrait I think Alison you did spectacularly well. Congrats.
I wish I was here
Such a lovely scene. For a total beginner not bad at all xx
This is a Guy Day. Finally.
Ein Plain Air Painting Course 2018
July 2018 our first Ein Plain Air Painting Course in Glastonbury. It was great fun.
Ein Plain Air Painting Course 2018
July 2018 our first Ein Plain Air Painting Course in Glastonbury. It was great fun.
Kate Learning About Portraits
First attempt underpaint Hale.
Ulrich From Germany
Such a lovely and eager to learn Man
Christina From Germany
Super Joyful
Steve No2
...as He Finds Bliss With Oil Painting
Ein Plain Air Painting Course
July 2018 our first Ein Plain Air Painting Course in Glastonbury. It was great fun.
Santa In His Workshop x
Kelly Muir Photo shoot. I am a hopeless photography subject. Not even your genius will make a beauty out of me dear Kelly.
Scopelos ...I wish
Oil on Canvas ...I need Holiday
Patricia Rocks
First time charcoal. Not bad x
Dionysia Reaaaly Happy
I am telling you I cannot paint....Dionysia we don't believe you.
Christ 1st Attempt
You have certainly enjoyed
Patricia and Jacqueline
...friends for Life
The Granddaughter
Oil on Canvas - Lisahannah Webster
Shatha So Excited
The first student from Kuwait from an Arab family of Artists. I am learning.
Yoca From Holland
Though her name means Joker in Dutch she is really ...serious about Art. Look forward to see you Yoga. xxx
Steve's First Charcoal.
I would be proud for sure.
Kate Flower Charcoal Drawing
The Flying fingers. This woman is so fast with real results. Bravo Kate ...I am so jealous.
Caroline ...Gauguin
Caroline Reed. Yes she is related to famous Oliver Reed and we Try Paul Gauguin. Why Not Caroline is an amazing person and we thrilled to have her with us xxx
The Teacher finally ...doing staff
A Lovely Village in Rodos Greece Ioannis
Memories are made of this ...
Monastery of Simonos Petras Ioannis
Christina Having Too Much Fun
Theis Man Of Mystery
Stephen King Oil in Progress
Deb's ..The Knight
Oh this Knight. A great Love affair. Debs Best ...man ever without doubt.
Lisahannah And Flowers
Lisahhanah Karen Back to Back
Jessicas Boy
Alison Finally First Lines
Aina Best For Effort
You won't believe it but she was in this position for much of the painting. Aina is a darling and we miss her very much.
Pure and Great Fun Time.
Philalethia Centre
Philalethia Centre
I am so proud of them
Ruth Mathews Homage To Renoir
Kate ...First ever Pastel. Not Bad
Kate Pastel2
The Old Guitarist Picasso..Matthews
Cornelia the Joyful
Members Exhibition 2017
Members Exhibition 2017
Students Exhibition 2017
Members Exhibition 2017
Members Exhibition 2017
Members Exhibition 2017
Students Exhibition 2017
Members Exhibition 2017
Students Exhibition 2017
Students Exhibition 2017
Members Exhibition 2017
Members Exhibition 2017
Members Exhibition 2017
Members Exhibition 2017
I look like an idiot in the picture. A happy idiot never the less.
Members Exhibition 2017
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