When the words are just not enough.......

Updated: May 31, 2018

I was asked many times ....why Art? Dear Friends through the years I asked this question often enough to myself and I have to confess that I did tried other disciplines involving words in the past. The results where quite exciting and rewarding for awhile but soon enough I came to the same conclusion. Words simply could never describe the intense moments of my Life as expressed through Art. To Me Art became the Only Way to Feel the Transient and Ephemeral the Fleeting the Inspiring. In that desperate struggle I Had to employ Art as a means to Stop Time even for a Moment and Free their Essence for myself and the World ...to See. Our Moments are ... so Precious and a Universe of their Own. Art is is a Skilful Thief ...of Time. So Make your Moments Visible and Join Glastonbury School of Art... I could Teach you a Trick or ...Two xxx - Ioannis

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