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Ioannis Antoniadis

Ioannis Antoniadis was born in Thessalonica, a major city of Hellas (Greece) in February 1964.
He experienced the hard educational system of his time, the Hellenic society deeply divided by the pain inflicted by two world wars, one civil and a dictatorship but also the supreme pleasure in bathing in the ancient light of his country.
He arrived to London 2 years after his Army Service as an officer, in May 1990.
There he complimented his quest in painting with studies relating to the quest of  Spiritual Transformation.


Ioannis has a passion for the inspiring factor in the art... His work evokes ideas, moods and emotions through the harmony of imagery, colour and space. Within the intimacy of his work, there is an attempt to establish a connection between the Viewer, the Creative Spirit and the Mystery of Art. He has exhibited in UK and Greece his paintings, prints and drawings can be found in private and public collections all around the World. He currently manages the "Heavenly Path Art Gallery" and the "Glastonbury School of Art" in Glastonbury in UK where he lives with his family.




Anyone fascinated by those wonderful art forms is invited to take part and learn about Drawing & Oil Painting.

Learn now how to Draw & Paint . Ioannis will cover many aspects of the History, Mystery and Technique associated with Drawing & Painting. It will be an experience to treasure. The courses are open to Beginners and more advance students. For Telephone Bookings and More info call 01458 832911. Courses are held Mon - Sat at Glastonbury School of Art, UK