Maria Daninsvhar - Wilson

Maria Danishvar - Wilson, Artist
Bath, UK.


Maria was born in Ukraine but soon after her family was moved to Kabul in Afghanistan.

When the Afghan civil war started, shortly after the Soviet invasion, her family fled to Moscow where her father was providentially offered a job to translate classic Russian literature into Persian language. As a child her favourite activity was reading and drawing and she painted many scenes from books that she read.

She studied at the famous Moscow School of art and graduated from the Moscow Academic Art College.

Her academic art education was based on the 19th century European school of art specialised in 1960s art movement. She has a firm foundation on anatomy, perspective, painting technique and composition.

Her final dissertation was at the Bolshoi Theatre where she spent over a year drawing and painting the Bolshoi dancers.

In 1997 she moved to England and carried on painting.

She has been inspired in her life by many influential artists and she believes that is very important to her that the knowledge she has obtained to pass it on to others too.



These 3 hours long Live ZOOM workshops offer an introduction to watercolour. 

Watercolour is the most gentle, the most transparent, one of the most immediate mediums.


In some ways it is most suited for beginners because the material itself does half of the work for you. 

It is a liberating and playful medium where you cannot predict the final result and sometimes beautiful things happen “by accident”.

On the other hand it is quite difficult medium as the scope for correcting mistakes is limited. 


In our lessons you will learn about materials brushes, mediums, drawing, composition and design and how to build up colour and tone in watercolour.           

Introduction into the technique of mixing paint. Primary, secondary & tertiary colours. How to use them & what combinations to avoid.

Analysis of the colour wheel and gradation of tone exercises.

Painting abstract images. How to use a warm palette or introduce cool colours.

Studies on white or coloured background. Working from photos. Analysing works and copying on the style of a Master.

Finally Q&A session. 


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