Paint the Majestic Views of Delphi in Greece
7 Days Drawing & Oil Painting Courses in Heavenly Greece with Professional
Artist Ioannis Antoniadis
13 - 19 of MAY 2019   &    8 - 14 of OCTOBER 2019

To look for a fine art holiday in Greece is quite natural... Where else will find a place with such a rich history and Culture? This beautiful land with its fascinating history has provided inspiration to artists from all over the World for thousands of years. Did you know that in 500 BC Greek artists for the very first time painted the human form in three dimensions!


With evocative ruins surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery Delphi is surely the most Beautiful site in Greece.

In ancient Greek history and mythology, Delphi was referred to as the geographical Centre of the World, its navel. According to the ancient Greek myth, Zeus set two eagles free to find the Centre of the World. They soared through the skies westward and eastward and their paths crossed in Delphi.

We are organising two Amazing Painting Holidays to a Place that in the Ancient World was known as the very centre of the Earth the extraordinary Mount Parnassus the House of the Muses and The Delphi Oracle.


Finding or looking for alternative Holidays seems absolutely natural... Through this fascinating experience, you will be able to employ all your senses in a joint appreciation of Art, Nature, History and much more.

If you are Love the arts, Greece will inspire and entertain you.

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